Strengthen your career transformation.

Understand how your working style, values and motivators shape your engagement and success at work. Future-proof your career plan by enhancing your workplace relationships and building upon your career strengths.

Strengthen your career transformation.

Outcomes of this future-focused psychometric assessment:

  • Discover where your talents and passions lie and how they reinforce each other

  • Realize how your view of the world around you impacts your resilience to change

  • Over 70 page report with customized and individualized findings based on four success factors

Pricing Details

Three dedicated debriefing sessions with a certified coach to gain deeper understanding of the results and frame the findings as actionable tasks.

  • $950.00

    Assessment + recorded education + three debriefing sessions (Tax Incl.)

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More about this course

  • Estimated hours

    Approx. 1 hour to complete the assessment and 60 per debrief session.

  • Course customization

    This assessment can be customized for organizations and teams. Challenge Factory has a suite of assessments to support your needs.

  • Delivery method

    The assessment and supporting tools are online. Assessment debriefs are delivered in various modes.

Top reviews

“"[Challenge Factory's] approach is so unique and insightful. The program started with a comprehensive 73 page report all about me. The report was fascinating and I felt every insight was legitimate. It got me in touch with my talents and provided a foundation for the journey I was on. And it was so simple, like Dorothy's ruby slippers in the Wizard of Oz. She always had the power to achieve what she wanted, it was just a matter or realizing it was within her all along. ”

Chief Operating Officer exploring future opportunitiesChief Operating Officer exploring future opportunities

“Making use of their formal assessments, on-line tools and the professional coaches at the Challenge Factory, I have been fortunate to engage in this process and am well on my way to uncovering my SweetSpot along with the ability to “test drive” my next career to make it a reality.”

Mid-career manager to Franchise ownerMid-career manager to Franchise owner

“My journey continues and adding the innovations of Challenge Factory to my self evaluation process saves me time and helps me build on my vision of my future.”

IT Sales and Technical Manager exploring turning a hobby into a Legacy CareerIT Sales and Technical Manager exploring turning a hobby into a Legacy Career

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