As a first step in a future-focused learning path for transitioning Veterans, this course focuses on implications of the "Question of Style" research study as a foundation for understanding civilian recruitment.

This course will help you understand the research and apply it to your career transition decisions.

Bias is the Focus

This course, through the findings of the research project, explores employer bias regarding Veteran working style, motivators and competencies.

Bias is the Focus

We know that military veterans and their spouses are strong candidates to fill leadership gaps in companies.

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Military to Civilian Learning Path

What to Expect:

We believe that research-backed programs that focus on what Veterans need to know about civilian work environments, matched with programs to educate employers on how to capitalize on a Veteran hiring program for significant business, cultural and market gain is a strong complement to the public services available.

  • In depth review of the research findings

  • Guidelines on how to apply the research to your own career transition

  • An understanding of the needs and nuances of Veterans as a hidden talent pool for civilian hiring managers.

$200 Course Value

Exclusively Part of the Military to Civilian Learning Path

Sponsored by the Canadian Armed Forces and supported by Veteran Affairs Canada, the project involved administering psychometric assessments to currently serving members and Veterans. Employers also completed assessments where they were asked to answer as if they were a Veteran, capturing unconscious bias. We would like to thank and acknowledge the significant contribution of Target Training International (TTI) who supported this project.
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