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The world of work is changing and the Centre for Career Innovation (CCI) approaches workplace learning differently. Here you'll find robust, research-backed courses and learning experiences to prepare you for what lies ahead—in your own career and as an organizational leader. We challenge outdated thinking and demonstrate how the Future of Work is human. Get started today!

A future-focused framework to learning

Our framework is based in three core values: hyper-collaboration, co-creation and capacity building. They are the bedrock of every course and learning path.
A future-focused framework to learning

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We've created courses and learning paths to accommodate many different learning styles. Be sure to look for the following icons when selecting your learning needs.
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Why a centre dedicated to career innovation?

  • We know the future of work is being shaped by five drivers: demographics, career ownership, freelance economy, platform-based businesses and AI & Robotics. Career innovation and competence is the most-effective toolset to help you navigate and thrive in a shifting landscape.

  • We are in a learning economy. Are you and your team ready? Our courses expose you to new methods, tools and approaches, such as on-the-job integrated learning. Regardless of the way you learn, we have a course that suits you.

  • We believe that everyone is an actor in shaping the future of work. We all have roles to play. From your newest employee to your CEO, our courses build leadership capacity and career resilience.

  • The Centre supports rethinking what life-long career innovation means: From new approaches to career exploration to the psychology of work. From workforce analytics to programs for hidden talent pools. Employees are no longer assets, to be depreciated over time. They are an organization’s talent equity. Let’s grow together.

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We know the future of work is changing

The Centre for Career Innovation is powered by Challenge Factory and is the future-focused lab for innovative curriculum, creative community and exponential collaboration.

Testimonials from the CCI community

“ A real co-creator is someone who knows there is significant currency in their assets and wants to work with others to amplify the effect of their work. They crave intimate peer relationships that make a difference to their business, the sector and their clients.”

Simon North, CCI Advisory Board Simon North, CCI Advisory Board

“With all the benefits of having completed the Challenge Factory program, I'm excited about finding my next role within a GTA based organization, I can't wait to roll up my sleeves and work at what I love doing - growing business and delivering results.”

50-Plus Media Executive 50-Plus Media Executive

“My first reaction is a total wow! I can't believe what a difference this format makes! And you managed to get the key ideas across while driving home differentiators about me that I was incapable of doing myself!”

Senior Executive ready to move to the C-SuiteSenior Executive ready to move to the C-Suite

“Lisa is the best strategist I know. Few people possess the capability to both DEVELOP AND EXECUTE a strategy. Translating a vision takes skill, but operationalizing it by "bringing the ropes to the ground" is even more rare. Lisa brings innovation, creativity and a brilliance to her work like none other. I would always want her on my team.”

Global Marketing Manager talks about Challenge Factory's President and CCI FounderGlobal Marketing Manager talks about Challenge Factory's President and CCI Founder